Blogtober 2nd

Do you judge yourself by your 20 years old self’s standards?By your 14 yo self’s standards?By your 8 yo self’s standards?Did you become the person they wanted you to be?Do you have the job, the home, the life they decided you’ll have?And if not, how do you feel about that? You are not responsible for … Continue reading Blogtober 2nd

Blogtober 1st

Yesterday I made some art for myself. Not to sell it, not on commission, just to make myself happy. I’ve missed the joy of painting just because. Painting is a language, there are things I can express only by creating visual art. Going a long time without doing that is like going a long time … Continue reading Blogtober 1st

On Selling Platforms

As many small biz owners have noticed by now, most selling platforms protect the buyers but don’t seem to be too bothered about the sellers. If any conflict arises, the platform will side with the buyer, making sure they are refunded, usually without even investigating the situation to determine who’s really at fault. It has … Continue reading On Selling Platforms


To feel at home you need to know you have a purpose in that particular place.Our purpose always depends on the context on where we are, the people who surround us and the opportunities we find there. Every once in a while – every 4 years or so – I feel like moving.I always thought it was about my … Continue reading Purpose

The Happiness Jar

This is something I post at least once a year, something I started doing in 2015 and will continue doing every year! It’s not always easy, and there are times in our life when we feel like nothing makes us genuinely happy, that we haven’t experienced real happiness in a long time. It can be … Continue reading The Happiness Jar

The intensity of her life

Watching my toddler walk by, busy with whatever is she’s doing, always moving from one place to the other with a serious sense of purpose. For a moment I thought about following and supervising her playing but then corrected myself: it’s not a game, it’s serious work that she’s doing now. Exploring, learning, understanding the … Continue reading The intensity of her life

Where did my business start

The starting point for Kindred Handmade was on this beach in Estepona. Last year when the first lockdown started I was visiting family in Spain and couldn’t leave for 4 months: all flights got grounded, all travel suspended. For 2 months we weren’t able to leave the house if not to buy food or go … Continue reading Where did my business start

Wrapping and Packaging

It’s really important to me that everything I ship is pretty but also eco. So I use mainly recycled, reclaimed and reused materials, but make sure they’re pretty and that the result looks beautiful. In this pic you can see fabric that was handed on to me on Freegle, leftover ribbons from Christmas presents, and … Continue reading Wrapping and Packaging


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