Where did my business start

The starting point for Kindred Handmade was on this beach in Estepona.

Last year when the first lockdown started I was visiting family in Spain and couldn’t leave for 4 months: all flights got grounded, all travel suspended.

For 2 months we weren’t able to leave the house if not to buy food or go to the doctor, and it was really tough.

The days got interminable, I had nothing to do, no tools or materials to be creative with, and my poor 18 months old baby was going crazy out of boredom.

When they finally allowed us out for walks, I used to go to this small, isolated beach and collect seashells and sea glass, with which I them played on paper.

In the end I had 1kg of sea glass in my luggage when we left 😄 and a plan to open a shop to sell sea glass art, a business dream.

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