Creating meaningful digital art

to bring peaceful clarity to your beautiful home.

Kindred Handmade started as a unique decor gift shop offering one-of-a-kind mixed media artwork to handmade lovers who don’t have a huge budget.

I wanted to offer you the possibility to find the perfect hand crafted present for your kindred souls (or yourself) in an age when mass-produced, impersonal tat is all you can find in most shops.

I have made paintings, sea glass pieces, pebble art, clay, wood… Eventually I realised that digital art is what I enjoy the most, for the endless possibilities that it offers.

At first I made lots of portrait, of people and pets, and I still do of course! One of the products that I offer is family portraits made combining different pictures, so you can have in one image every person you want, across time and generations, space and opportunity.

Lately I have been focusing on artworks with a meaningful message, something beautiful to look at that will remind you to breathe, relax your mind, and take care of yourself. I want my art to be a visual tool for self discovery, for reflection on our needs and wants, for mindfulness.

On this site you will find my blog and, if you’d like, get to know me better. Sometimes I will be posting about my makes too, but you can find them all on my social media channels, and all the links are here!

I am working on building a shop within this site, but until then you can find all my makes on my Etsy!