To feel at home you need to know you have a purpose in that particular place.
Our purpose always depends on the context on where we are, the people who surround us and the opportunities we find there.

Every once in a while – every 4 years or so – I feel like moving.
I always thought it was about my upbringing and the lots of moving I was forced to do when I was a child.

That, I thought, must have shaped me, programmed my mind to search for a new home every so often.
Now I’ve started exploring a different view – perhaps every so often I fail to see what my purpose in a certain place is.

Maybe something changes in the way my life is arranged and my purpose has to shift as well.
But I can’t do transitions, I’m really really bad at transitions, I feel like I can only do clear cuts.

I do long, though, for a place to call home for a long time – for a lifetime? I’d like to be the kind of person who settles.
So I might need to learn how to transition, how to understand a new purpose in the same place.
How to make a home rather than look for it somewhere.

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