Blogtober 12th – Don’t make plans as if they could cure you

A new planner and filling each hour of the day with a predetermined activity won’t solve problems that arise from exhaustion, burnout, neurodivergency or mental health issues.

Don’t plan for an unlikely future where all your problems have magically disappeared. Don’t set goals for a future where you don’t struggle with anxiety anymore, or where your husband has suddenly picked up half of the house chores, or where your children don’t need your constant presence and engagement in every activity.

Don’t set deadlines for a world where you don’t get home too tired after your day job, where you always can say no to working extra hours, or where the day being cold, dark and damp by 4pm doesn’t affect your motivation to go somewhere or do something.

Include rest in your plans. Factor in paralysing anxiety, task initiation issues, illnesses, seasonal depression, parenting, time spent with friends, family outings, days when you feel like doing nothing (aka rest, not laziness).

Be kind to yourself because it’s the easiest way to be realistic with your time management.

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