Blogtober 3rd – What do emotions feel like?

What do emotions feel like?

Would you be able to describe feeling Exposed?

Where in your body do you feel Indignant, and how does it feel?

What bodily sensation do you experience when you feel Remorseful?

Do you feel Inspired in your head, your chest of your gut?

Is Awe a tickling or a solid sensation?

We all believe we know feelings. As parents, we are supposed to teach our children emotional competence: we should give them the words to label their feelings, explain to them what they are and how they feel like, and how to respond to them.

How emotional competent are we though? Sometimes I think emotions are one of those things we don’t really understand but we’ve learned to live with the mystery of, just like mobile phones or the financial system or vinyls.

To this day I cannot wrap my head around the concept that a certain shape of grooves can reproduce all the different sounds of an entire orchestra.

I also could not describe the bodily sensation produced by, or associated with Powerless.

I know what it means, obviously and I could explain the idea of it.

They are called feelings though, because we’re supposed to physically feel them. Of so many of them though I only know the concept of. Perhaps I experience them less frequently, or perhaps I should pay more attention.

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