Blogtober 2nd – Did you become the person you wanted to be?

Do you judge yourself by your 20 years old self’s standards?
By your 14 yo self’s standards?
By your 8 yo self’s standards?
Did you become the person they wanted you to be?
Do you have the job, the home, the life they decided you’ll have?
And if not, how do you feel about that?

You are not responsible for fulfilling your younger self’s plans.
You are not that person anymore. The things you’ve learned, your experiences, wins and losses have turned you into someone else.

There are plenty of things you know now that you didn’t know 10, 20 30 years ago. You understand that, and yet somewhat feel obliged to fulfill the terms of a contract that’s been voided long time ago by a change of circumstances so thorough it’s wiped out any basis – and need! – for it.
The parts involved have moved on. Some are not among us anymore.

Release yourself from any past agreement, contract and obbligation that doesn’t serve you anymore. Give yourself some freedom.

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