The floor -7 series – Episode 2

First part Here

The way I imagine this is:

The lift opens into a spacious living room, where the dominant material is wood. The space is rectangular, the lift is on one of the long sides, and the other one just in front is all windows from floor to ceiling. Most of them are actually glass doors and they are open, with long white curtains screening them and moving in the breeze.

As I step in, I can see the kitchen on my left. On my right there is big irregular rock wall, as this whole building (that is me) is half built half carved in the side of a mountain. Past that, there’s the reading room and more places I’ve never explored.

But the main feature of this inner world is the vast natural world just outside, as you go through the glass doors and past a filter space, into the big outdoor terrace with the huge table that could sit a whole party, and down a stone staircase that descends on both sides of a fountain, to the garden.

The part of the outdoor space closer to the house is a garden but just a few steps further it becomes wilder, with woods straight ahead while on the left side it looks more like a prairie with tall green grass and a bubbling stream and a water mill.

I created this place for myself to feel safe and calm in, and I go there every time I need it. It works, it works oh so well sometimes after lying in my bed struggling with thoughts for hours, I fall asleep as soon as I bring myself in front of the lift!

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