The floor -7 series – Episode 1

A few years ago I went through a really hard time in terms of… well, everything, but what I want to talk to you about is my mental health.

Which is pretty much fine now but wasn’t at the time. I suffered from depression (which I overcame) and anxiety (which I still have, but much more manageable). I was having panic attacks.

Now since all of this was happening in Romania, where depression and anxiety are not considerate “real” mental health issues, I had to take care of myself on my own, so I did research, read books, did every exercise I could find that would help me feel better.

One of these I still use, especially when I struggle to sleep because my mind won’t shut up: I imagine being in front of a lift and pressing the button to call it. The lift arrives, the doors open, I get in. Then I press the button “-7” and the lift begins to descend.

On floor -7, there’s my safe space, a place I made up in my mind, as beautiful as can be, as peaceful and safe as I need it.

I will talk more about it, but look at this image: this patio is there, just outside the house…

To be continued

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