Beliefs and Values

I believe in bringing joy.

I value a customer’s personal story and the feeling that motivates them to buy handmade – whether for themselves or someone else.

I believe in community over competition, and that alone we go faster but together we go further – and we become stronger.

I value each sale I make and do everything that I can to make sure the delivery makes the buyer as happy as the purchase has made me.

I value every feedback and opportunity to learn and grow.

I value each encouraging word from a fellow creative and each star in a customer’s review.

I believe in reusing and recycling, both in my crafts and in my packaging, and in buying and selling locally to reduce the carbon footprint.

I believe in investing in small businesses and shopping indie, as small business owners give back to their community much more than any big brand.

I value the care and quality hard work that goes in each handmade item, and a customer’s expectations in that sense.

I believe in and value a personal relationship built with my customers so never hesitate to send me a DM or email and chat with me about something you’d like, something you’re looking for, a personalisation you’d like to add to one of my creations, or anything really!

Get in touch!

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