Done For You

Why do some people craft?

Because we can’t help ourselves! Because we love it! Because our hands itch when we’re not creating something. Because it makes our lives fuller ad happier.

But that is not true for everyone, is it? Some people find their happiness in other ways and fill their souls with other passions. In this aspect as in many others, there are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who love to DIY and those who love it DFY.

And you know what? That’s perfect.

The creatives and crafters can find their fulfillment and joy in working on their projects, and the purchasers can enjoy having their homes, offices and lives filled with charming handmade items.

By buying them, you give the makers the chance to continue creating and follow their passion.

By making them, the creatives offer you objects of beauty that will enrich your life and/or make a moment very special.

What I want to do is to work within this balance, making useful and beautiful things for you to find, own and enjoy.

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